This is a <>

fantastic, yet generic, placeholder.

I’m still trying to figure a lot of things out. This newsletter business for instance. Life post-cancer, post-IT, and post-marriage. The realities of writing for a living. It’s all a weird, chaotic shitstorm that I’m trying to navigate.

The folks leading the charge on Substack are doing some killer work. Raw prose filled with vulnerable moments. Informative newsletters that rival journalistic institutions. Humorists and essayists who are revealing our culture’s hidden desires. I have zero clue where I stand amongst that sort of talent, but, fuck it, here I am anyway.

I’m a writer, so I see the world in terms of narrative and story structure. Also, for almost a decade, I was a traveling IT consultant who never met a stranger and still itches to get on a plane. More than likely, those are the things I’ll be talking about, but there are no guarantees.

Cuban Nomad is my blog of 9 years that was trashed a while ago and I had to bring back from the dead with a few complications. All my previous writing got wiped, so it’s a bit of a tabula rasa right now. This newsletter is supposed to be a more intimate and just as sporadic companion to the blog.