Moving Off of Substack

Can't support transphobes & bigots

Hey Folks,

In case you haven’t followed the news, it appears that Substack (as an organization) is directly funding writers on its platform who are known transphobes and bigots. They’ve been given money to build their newsletters and spread their hateful views.

I personally can’t support a system that funds evil people, so this is the last message I will be sending through here. I’m making the move to Medium for all my future essays.

If you want to continue hearing from me please give me a follow at:

I won’t be porting this email list to another system, but if you follow me on Medium then my future work will be delivered to your inbox, just like it was here. I’ve already posted a new essay about my experiences with chemotherapy and how kindness saved me from the terror of stage 4 cancer.

Thank you everyone for reading my words and sticking with me on this bumpy journey. If we do part ways from here, please know that I hope you thrive in spite of the pandemic and that the world treats you kindly. 💜

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